Health Insurance

  • Please contact your Health Insurance provider for details of your policy allowances.
  • Mill Hill Physio does not deal directly with Insurance providers.
  • All treatments must be paid forby patients to Mill Hill Physio on the day of treatment.
  • Patients will be supplied with a receipt after payment, and may seek to reclaim treatment fees from their Health Insurers.
  • Whether or not it will be possible for patients to recover treatment fees paid to Mill Hill Physio will be dependent on the terms of the patient’s particular health insurance policy.


  • There is limited parking on the Millway Centre for Health forecourt on a first-come first-served basis.
  • The nearby streets have residents only parking on Monday to Friday between 11-12am only but are free at all other times. There are parking meters nearby.

What to bring to your appointment.

  • Please bring a note of any medications that you are currently taking.
  • You should wear loose comfortable clothing that allows for the area to be treated to be seen by the physiotherapist.
  • It is suggested that patients may like to wear or bring shorts for back and lower limb problems and ladies should wear a vest type top for shoulder and neck assessments.



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